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by UrbanMC at 9:54 AM
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The server has been very quiet recently, so it seems a reset poll is in order.

If we reset, the new world will be generated in 1.12 until the update is released. The world border will be set at +/- 5,000 blocks so that everyone may get started. Upon release of and update to 1.13, the world border will be expanded to +/- 15,000 blocks. New terrain generated after the update will be generated with 1.13 and all new items/biomes will be available with it.

As is the standard protocol with resets, all items (including money, vote points, mcmmo, jobs, warps, etc.) will be reset. The creative server will be completely unaffected. New this time, monetary donations in the donation store will be blocked for the first week after the reset to allow all players to get started on an even playing field. After the one week, donations will be available as normal.

You may have noticed that the poll has three options. The first is pretty standard, nothing changes. The second involves a...
by UrbanMC at 8:48 PM
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Large plots are now available on the creative server at /warp Creative. They are 128 blocks squared and cost 50 vote points. You do not have access to any by default, but if you're looking to get started without waiting to collect 50 vote points, the donation store listings have been updated.

In addition to the 4 regular plots to start with:
  • Redstone Rank now gets 8 total regular plots and 1 large plot
  • Gold Rank now gets 12 total regular plots and 2 large plots
  • Diamond Rank now gets 16 total regular plots and 3 large plots
The donation store now also includes the ability to buy 4 regular plots for US$2 or one large plot for US$5. For more plots, the quantities of both items can be changed in the cart.

Finally, we are experimenting with a different plugin for WorldEdit; hopefully, it will allow users to do more in one operation than previously possible. Please be patient with any issues that arise.
by UrbanMC at 6:08 PM
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The voting system has been updated. It is now possible to receive votes on the creative server. When you vote, you will get one vote point. This point will go to the server you are currently online in. If you are not on either server, it will go to the server you next log into. Currently rewards consist of extra plots and real mobs.

On another note, the next Build Competition will be on May 12 at 7:30 Central.

As always, suggestions are always welcome, for voting or themes and topics for build competitions.
by UrbanMC at 4:40 PM
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The next server events are as follows:
  • Build Competition: Saturday, March 31 at 7:30PM Central
  • Player Committee: Saturday, April 7, at 7:30PM Central.
by UrbanMC at 5:43 PM
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Hello everyone. Last night I had a very long, enlightening conversation with a well-informed player. As a result of this conversation, I am implementing a series of changes to the server.
  1. It is now against the rules to pvp-tag through blocks and doors. I ask that any teleports gained by these methods be removed. This is to ensure that new players can have faith that their house is safe.
  2. Frost walker within town borders is considered a towny claim exploit and is punishable by jail. This is to protect town farms and water fixtures.
  3. It is now against the rules to grief within 2 chunks of a town claim. This includes corners and diagonally claimed blocks.
  4. On the issue of the economy, I am lowering the price of meat by half. Hopefully, this will make it easier for people to get started.
  5. The headshop plugin has also been added. This brings an extensive library of decorative heads to the game. All blocks/items/foods will be available to everyone, with character...