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by ProfessorUtonium at 10:16 PM
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February is a month of passion - be it for love, or in the case of UrbanMC, bitter fights to the death. On February 22nd, we will welcome you to the first Strike PvP tournament. In Strike PvP, there are five different PvP categories that you will have to be ready to play in.

The Five Categories to be Used in the First Event

Pot PvP
  • This category is your normal PvP set. You will walk in with full god gear, god sword (with optional Knockback 2), god bow (or optional Crossbow), One fire resistance potion, three strength splash, three speed splash, and the rest as instant health. This requires potion management and normal combat.
Iron PvP
  • Iron PvP requires aiming, survival, and outthinking your opponent. You walk into the arena with ONLY Iron Armor, an Iron Sword, Iron Axe, and 3 Gold Apples.
Debuff PvP
  • Debuff PvP is the same gear as Pot PvP except you will also receive splash potions of weakness, slowness, and poison...
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As mentioned in another thread, we're going to try out this idea of a weekly update to discuss ongoing activities of the staff team. That said, this week:
  1. Dukhan was approved as a world wonder. Check it out at /warp Dukhan!
  2. Elytras were added to vote shop.
  3. Donor kits have been switched to gold.
Silver has been hard at work on the test server. In his experiments, he has discovered that while bees won't naturally spawn in the current world, he may be able to create a plugin to override this roadblock. He's also continuing to work on the 1.15 update and the new siege war.

Do let me know if you like this idea and would like to see these continue.
by UrbanMC at 4:13 PM
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Some changes are coming to the economy of UrbanMC.

Firstly, we're updating the server market. Most blocks' prices are going to double to encourage player markets to expand into the building industry. Grindable resources' sell prices are decreasing to varying degrees. As well, some new items are being added:
  • Bank Teller will sell you Notch Apples for 100 000 Gold.
  • Bank Teller will sell you Totems of Undying for 60 000 Gold.
  • Bank Teller will sell you Elytra for 80 000 Gold.
  • Swim shop will sell you Tridents for 40 000 Gold.
None of these items may be sold back to their respective shopkeepers. These prices may be adjusted over time. When an item is purchased at the bank teller, the cost will be withdrawn directly from your bank account. Shop changes will roll out early next week.

We are increasing town upkeep cost. Today it's 5 gold per plot. After tax collection on Monday, we'll be increasing it to 7. A week later, it will increase to 10. While this is a...
by Silverwolfg11 at 8:46 PM
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Around every hour, a mysterious treasure chest appears. No one knows how or why. No one knows where either. However, the magic that summons the chest also gives you the opportunity to go on an adventure. An adventure full of risk and reward. With a compass in your hand that always point true to the treasure, you will race against others to reach the loot.

What kind of loot awaits you ask?

Through the heavy documentation by countless explorers, we have compiled a list of items (in a neat PDF) that you could find in these magical chests based on their rarity.

However, be warned, these are not all the items in the chests, and what you find may surprise you.

Big thanks to ProfessorUtonium for pushing a revamp of the treasure chest items through the staff team and spending time to put together a new and improved item list.
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Please take note of the following player shop rule changes, and update or sell your shops accordingly. New rules take effect on Saturday, January 11th, 2020.
  1. Must have at least 5 open trades. Trades must be genuine and fair*.
  2. Portals may be present but do not count towards the 5 trades.
  3. Stay within the barrier block height limit and bedrock base limit.
  4. The plot owner must be online at least once every 15 days.
  5. One plot is allowed per player.
Taxes are now 10 gold and the purchase price is 5 000 gold. If you find that your shop no longer meets these requirements and won't by the 11th, you will make a 2 500 gold profit selling it.

We encourage players to share plots in order to maximize availability for as many players as possible.

* Genuine and Fair:
The idea here is we're trying to stop people from making absurd trades that nobody would take in order to meet the minimum requirements. As long as you're competitive with the spawn prices, you...